Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11 Interesting email

Wow. On the 4th anniversary of 9/11 I'm thinking about that, while watching football and praying my fantasy team wins. What superficial fluff--but it's a fun part of my life.

And I'm getting ready to go to CSz to play in the Rec League. This is my team's first match in this season. Not so superficial fluff, laughter is something that we can't live without.

About one minute ago I got an email from the feds (HHS) saying I may be deployed. I hope I can set the dates for my volunteer work so other things can still get done in my life. (Not talking about CSz--my team will do fine, or better, without me.) I am scheduled to go to NYC for a COA site review in two weeks, and I can't miss that. And there's a week in October when Jill and the grandkids will be in Quincy--I've scheduled a vacation week for then. My family is the only thing more important to me than doing this work. If I have to miss the COA site review, then I will and I know COA will understand. They're a human service organization.

I'm not opening the documents attached to the email until after my CSz match. Oh God I hope it's not immediate. But if it is, I'll go and make adjustments in my professional life.

I lied...opened the documents right away. Couldn't stop myself. It says up to a month, with a possible extension of a month. That's not possible. I need to earn money and this is as an unpaid federal employee, volunteer work. Which is fine. But I can't do it that long. The website I saw said for two weeks, and I can make that happen. (May have to borrow money to pay my bills, but that's okay.)

I'm sure they'll do it for two weeks, and if the need is still there during the holidays, I can go back. We'll see. (I say that a lot, don't I?)

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