Thursday, September 22, 2005

9/22 Pete's Pond

Pete’s Pond in Botswana is an absolutely fascinating place. You can travel there as easily as I do. Merely click on the above link and become a voyeur at a popular watering hole in Africa.

Apparently it’s become so popular that sometimes the site is busy. But it’s worth it to try again. National Geographic rocks when it comes to something like this.

Last night was good. I was able to help out a little at a fundraiser at CSz with all the proceeds going to Gilda’s Place. Ultra cool. And I bought a great T-shirt. Black with white lettering. On the front it says Cancer Sucks and on the back it says Fight. It was designed by Christine Capriolo’s art students. She’s one of the professional players at CSz.

Speaking of that, five people got promoted from the Rec League (where I play) to the pro ranks. I’m so happy for them. Out of the five, I know four of them pretty well, and it’s great to see their promotion.

Then when I got home I received a call from H, who is joining Brainstorm, the Rec League team I’m on. He sounds great, and I’ve heard he’s funny. So I’m pleased… I can leave town without worry. You have to have three or four to play. S and C could have gotten a sub in my absence, but this is much better. A real teammate. We will actually become accustomed to performing together. Much better than using subs.

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