Friday, September 23, 2005

9/23 Reality

I’m a reality show freak, as confessed many times. When I’m feeling particularly good about myself I say I’m a student of popular culture. Sounds better. (Thanks for the phrase, DF.)

What is the voyeuristic tendency in me? Or is it merely the joy in feeling superior to some jerks on TV? I don’t know, but reality shows absolutely fascinate me. And it’s not just the network ones like Survivor, Big Brother, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Amazing Race (my favorite on networks), Endurance (kids’ version of Survivor on Saturday mornings) and the Apprentice(s). Nope, it’s the trashy ones too, like Surreal Life (my favorite on cable), Celebrity Fit Club, The Firm (went from network to cable), Kill Reality (mercifully over now), Reality Show (with Andy Dick who I think is one), and there are even more. Some of the above aren’t on right now of course, but weave in and out of the TV schedule.

Normally, I couldn’t watch that much TV, but with the advent of DVR (digital video recorder), I can record two things at once in my living room, and two more in my bedroom. Can’t remember the last time I watched something when it was actually on (except for the Today Show as I get ready for work). Being able to skip commercials and fluff makes each show a lot shorter. Regular hour shows become 40 minutes sans commercials. And when you fast forward through the recaps and other redundancies, I can watch an hour show in 30 minutes.

I’ve not seen Real Life or Road Rules, and am trying to stay away from them. Don’t need any more…

There are still other shows on the schedule. Besides reality shows I’m enamored of sci-fi series too. Stargate SG-1 remains my favorite TV show although I miss MacGyver on it. Then there’s Stargate Atlantis, Dead Zone and Battlestar Galactica. And the networks have the audacity to add several more sci-fi fantasy shows to cash in on the success of Lost (another fav). So I’m checking them out and almost hoping some get cancelled.

You might wonder if I have a life outside of my fantasy one watching TV. Actually I do. I work two (and sometimes three) jobs. I take comedy classes, both improv and stand-up. I perform in a Comedy League on Sundays. And I go out to lunch with friends, and travel a lot. It’s just that when I’m home, the TV is always on. When you live alone and like noise, it’s either TV or CDs.

At work I have my iPod going, or music from my computer. Maybe it stems from being one of nine kids. There was never a quiet moment.

When I meditate there’s silence. But that’s it.

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Anonymous said...

As, ahem, a student of popular culture, I urge you to watch Laguna Beach on MTV. It's fascinating stuff.