Sunday, September 18, 2005

9/18 Trading Spaces

I stayed awake way too late last night. One of the things I did after getting home late from CSz was watch Trading Spaces which I'd taped. The title of the episode was Father and Son Have Different Taste. The title itself made me laugh. The two couples live across the street from each other. Dad and step-mom are landlords for son and d-i-l. Three of the four people work at CSz. So it was so much fun to see TS come to Milwaukee and to showcase people we know.

Dad is Bob Orvis, one of the founding members of CSz. He is now the manager of all the remote shows. He and his wife Lisa redid a room for Jayke and Mandy Orvis. Jayke is a welder, but also works as Mr. Voice for CSz. Mandy is the office manager. Bob and Lisa are straight-looking. And Jayke and Mandy are metal-heads. They have tons of tattoos, fun hair, and love the macabre. Hildy helped Bob and Lisa make over Jayke/Mandy's kitchen into a horror filled, 50's diner. Just want Mandy wanted. They absolutely LOVED it.

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anne frasier said...

how fun to know people on the show!