Wednesday, September 07, 2005

9/7 Friends, etc.

9/7 Friends, etc.

Received a call from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in months. She lost her job in June and I just heard about it. It was difficult, knowing I could have been there for her but didn’t have the information to do so. She’s probably my only friend who didn’t have email. She has it now, and I’m grateful. It will be easier to stay up to date. It’s amazing though how much we rely on email and text to communicate, and how wonderful it was to talk to a far-away friend and hear the warmth in her voice.

Other tidbits: I’m in frequent touch with some young friends from New Orleans. It warms my heart that in the midst of everything, they contact me. Oh shit, I’m tearing up.

Even though the activation didn’t take place with one company I contract with, I’m now in touch with another company that has lots of people mobilized to the N.O. area. My training and education is suited for the site work, so am waiting to hear if they need me. Just heard yesterday that one of our workers here is in N.O. volunteering. She’s one of our “travelers,” so I don’t see her much anyway. Her absence is normal. But when I heard this, I thought—that’s just like her. She probably went down on her own and is working. Good on you, girl.

Tonight ComedySportz Milwaukee is having a benefit performance. I'll do my small part. Hope they make tons of money.


Bron said...

on the plane from Portland to Dallas there were a load of vollunteers.
Give my love to the NOLAs

Jer said...