Sunday, September 25, 2005

9/25 Games Gang

I took the subway to Penn Station and met DF about 2 PM. We took the LIRR to Valley Stream to Glo and Lar's house, a lovely home I've been to several times. We played countless games (with Monk and Neal too, five of us). Glo wanted to try them out for Words Weekend (in November at Mohonk). She's also writing a review of new games for Games Magazine where she's a contributing editor.

At some point we went to Itgen's for dinner. The food was okay but the ice cream was top-rate. They make it there and YUM!!

We took the 11:04 PM train back to Manhattan. While on the train, my sisters called me. The were a bit inebriated (a bit?) and we had a hilarious conversation.

DF walked me to my subway platform and then left for his. It was about 11:40. I waited until a little after 12 before a downtown-headed A train came.

I got home at 12:20 or so this morning and got on this computer in the Club Room to check my email before bed. It was a long day--4 AM-1:30 AM. Yikes.

But I slept until 9:30 AM--a good 8 hours. After showering this morning I walked the quarter block to Wall Street and got coffee at Starbuck's. Ground Zero is only a block or so down Wall Street. I'll go there soon.

At 1 PM today I'll meet with my five colleagues (from all over US and Canada) and we'll go to Brooklyn to begin our study of the agency. At 6 PM nine of us (colleagues and friends) will go to CSz and then dinner afterwards. Looking forward to that a lot. (Sorry for typos, I'm in a hurry.)


JilloShotz said...

Wow, Jer! You got comment spam!

Jer said...

Yep, I deleted it though. But I'm sure tired of it.