Friday, September 16, 2005

9/16 What am I doing?

What am I doing?

Spending all my money on travel, that’s what. Even though some trips are business-related and I don’t have to pay for the big things (travel and hotel, for example), trips are still expensive. And, of course, some trips are personal, so I do have to pay for anything.

I absolutely love traveling. It feeds my need for adventure. Staying in one place all the time bores me silly. Yet some people close to me don’t want to leave their hometown. They’re perfectly content. I bet they actually save money. Wish I had that habit.

But the habit I do have, the addiction I do have, must be satisfied. So I travel.

A week from tomorrow I’m in NYC for six days. Ten days after returning home I leave for Quincy for a week. And a month after that I’m in Mohonk in NY state. No international travel this year (yet). And all my vacation time will be gone once Christmas is here. But PTO (personal time off) is to be used. I’m just lucky I don’t get sick and have to take PTO for that. PTO is like a precious gift to me—only to be used on things that make me smile.

Last year I took a day off for a cousin’s death. And even though the occasion was sad, it was still a time of smiles and laughter. My extended family is so cool, and so weird, ya gotta love them.

A friend just emailed and said, “Seems like you don’t hold still longer than a minute.” I don’t appear hyper in a micro sense, but in a macro sense I sure am. I think that’s one reason I’m really good at trauma work. It certainly causes an adrenaline rush, but in the meantime I’m really helping people.


JilloShotz said...

I think it's great that you know yourself so well. Some people stay put and waste money buying useless crap they don't need instead of traveling. You know your heart's desire. That's a valuable thing.

Please say hello to the Big Apple for me. Tell everyone I miss them.


Jer said...

All 18 trillion of them? Or just the CSz folks?

Either way, I'll do it 'cause you're my pal.