Saturday, September 24, 2005

9/24 New York City

Writing part of this while waiting to meet DF at Penn Station--

Found a lot of words that I developed to describe myself when I was in Hollywood and attended a Sam Bennett workshop. We learned to change those negative thoughts into positive ones. I'm easily bored and adventurous; never met a stranger; non-judgmental; quick-wittedly goofy; insatiably curious; good-hearted; a word lover; and needy. We couldn't come up with the "good" side of needy. But I'll work on it. :)

While fly to LaGuardia today, I sat by a pilot. I was trying to write more bits for my comedy act; told him I wanted to add more about travel. He said he'd think of something. But immediately all these ideas hit me and I started spouting off incident after incident that happened in UK and Europe. All I have to do now is change them to "set up and punch."

DF and I will take the LIRR to Valley Stream to play word games with other writer friends. To some of you that may sound boring as hell. But to "word nerds" it's a slice of heaven. And to play against people who actually can beat you. Wow. As one of my brothers used to say, "No brag, just fact." I'm good at word games and usually win--but not with this group. I'm certainly one of the winners, but so is everyone else at the table. Love that.

My hotel is very European, like a boutique hotel. I love it.

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