Monday, September 19, 2005

9/19 I like lunch

Going out for lunch is nice. It's a great break to the routine of the work-day. Today I had lunch with my friend, T-man. We have lunch every few months or so. T-man has a job similar to mine, only for a fairly-prestigious college.

We met at Heinemann's, one of Milwaukee's staples. I love these restaurants because they're always non-smoking, and they have vegetarian choices for me.

T and I always have a talkfest when we get together. We met through CSz, but he didn't stay long enough to get "hooked" like I have. Then we were in a writing critique group. It was great, but we stopped when I moved to the UK last year. He's about 20 years younger than I am, so we're very safe friends and can talk about anything with each other, which is fun.

He is just about done with his non-fiction book. I'm going to look it over before it gets sent out. I love doing that for friends. Plus every time I'm in the acknowledgments it helps me. When I retire, one of the things I want to market is my editing ability. Right now I've edited several books and can put them on my Editing Resume--assuming I ever develop one. :)

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