Tuesday, September 06, 2005

9/6 It's a day, isn't it?

Back to work after three days off. Interesting phenomenon. I’m very energized and am accomplishing tons of work. First thing this morning a magazine editor called, wanting to do an interview. I contacted our President (who was at an airport) and she’ll do the interview tomorrow. Got a handle on other projects too.

I’m officially “off call” now. The feds didn’t activate the call center. I’m disappointed since it was a tangible way I could help. We’ve heard from most of the N.O. group and at least four of them have landed in Austin TX, where they plan to remain. These young improvisers, comedians and actors want to continue practicing their craft. The CSz theatre in N.O. is gone (according to the owner). What a devastating blow. This woman had finally gotten the enterprise up and running—and it disappeared in a second. She’s grateful to be alive, as are we all. It’s not my place to share details of her life, but there are so many other things going on as well. So stressful. So traumatic.

I hear from some of my young N.O. friends via IM and email and every message is a gift.


anne frasier said...

jer, is there a possibility of your services being used later? i would think in another week or two people will really be needing you.

Jer said...

Hi anne. Yes, there is that possibility. I'm in contact now with a corporation I used to work with. They've sent people to N.O., and I'm seeing what they need. We'll see. Jer