Friday, September 02, 2005

9/2 Memorable Day

Thirty-eight years ago today I married Phil. There’s some nostalgia when I think about it. That 20 year-old girl with stars in her eyes was soon introduced to reality. Not that everything was bad during our 10 ½ year marriage. But there were some times I don’t want to remember. The good things? Living in Hawaii. Adopting Rob there and Jill in Georgia. That wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Phil’s army career.

He’s now been married for 25 years to Sandy. I’m happy for them.

And now onto current news. Like most people, I’m saddened and repulsed by what’s happening on the Gulf Coast. I can’t believe people are suffering so much. It seems like such a simple thing to give them food and water. Yet there are other people shooting at those who try to help. Hard to understand. But people’s response to trauma differs. Some are frozen, in shock. Others vent their anger in dangerous ways.

I’m on call to be activated to assist (as a therapist, on the phone). It will feel good to be able to help. Some friends and I were just talking about wanting to help, and the helpless feeling we have during tragedies. Of course we give money. But we want the feeling of doing tangible stuff—working. So I’m very grateful I’ll have the opportunity to do that.

Another tangent: My son and daughter-in-law left today from Japan to go on a vacation to Hawaii. I’m so happy for them. But my d-i-l sent me a beautiful note that held instructions on what to do in the case of her death. It was very detailed and well-thought-out. I’m touched that she trusts me to handle everything. On the other side—I hate to think of anything happening to them on the best vacation of their lives. They have so much planned. And since my son is Samoan (Polynesian), they’ll fit right in with the locals (kamaina).

I wish them a beautiful and romantic trip.

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