Friday, February 10, 2006

2/10 I'm pissed and not in the UK way

I'm so angry at my bank. I HATE BANKS! Let it be known.

What started as an innocent, although stupid, overdraft has escalated into full-scale war. I spent $90 on meds and forgot to note it. Ultimately it resulted in a negative balance. Damn! But no big deal, because it's just a mistake, and I'll be charged $34 (robbery), but everything will be copacetic immediately following.

I transferred $157 into my checking account as soon as I noticed the overdraft. (That was all I had in my "immediate access" laughingly-called savings account.)

But by then other (small) charges had come through--four of them, and I was charged $34 x 4. Then I acquired $200, put it in, and I'm still overdrawn. Why? Because when I had transferred the $157, I thought I had some extra cash and bought a Starbuck's coffee for $1.85. That great-tasting cup of coffee cost me $35.85.

(I don't want to hear that banks have to make money. I know that. And I know THIS WAS ALL MY FAULT. But it's my blog and I can rant about stupid, stupid banks all I want to.)


Karen Boz said...


That is highway robbery. Something similar happened to me once a while ago and I called the customer service department and explained the situation and they kept the original NSF charge, but refunded the rest. You should plead your case and see if it helps at all. Good Luck, Karen

Jer said...

Thanks, Karen. I did call and plead my case, but no go. So my best revenge will be to change banks. And I'll do that as soon as I clear up this mess.

(Have a great weekend.)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Change banks! They get crappier all the time. And let me tell you about a credit card payment that was a day late and about $10 over the max -- man, do they stick it to you. I'm going to pay that sucker off and cut it into "a million little pieces."

Jer said...

I also did that with credit cards, Pat, although I cut them up before I paid them off.