Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2/22 Writing offsite

which is a euphemism for writing from home. I have an "emergency" article that's overdue. Not my fault. The person who was supposed to write it was unable to do so, so as the journal editor I had to step in.

I spent the morning developing a survey for inmates at a medium security prison, and also crafting a letter to the superintendent asking for permission to give the survey to several inmates.

During the afternoon I've been working on the bones of the article. It's not easy coming up with something this quickly, and I hope it all works out.

I'll need one more full day to work on it, and I'll probably do it next Wednesday, again working offsite.

The title for the piece is eluding me. Hope I get inspired soon.


Beata said...

Mom, that sounds really interesting. Maybe once you get into this, you will be hooked. I am so proud to have such intelligent m-i-l!!! I love you!

Jer said...

Hon, I'm already addicted. This is what my job is--writing and editing for two hard copy journals, one hard copy newsletter, and three web newsletters--as well as doing PR and media relations for the company. So there's never a dull moment. But it was a real treat to stay home and devote most of the day to working on an article. Love you.

rob said...

Regardless of what the article is supposed to be about, sometimes it's best to just write something negative about Cindy Sheehan.

Best of luck.

Jer said...

Omigod, Rob. You crack me up. As much as I disagree with your politics, I LOVE your writing, and am so proud of you, slugger.