Friday, February 17, 2006

2/17 SOAR Award

Something really cool happened yesterday. I received a SOAR Award at the all-staff meeting. We have the meeting every Thursday morning, and I lead it. This was the first time these new awards were given out. SOAR stands for Strategic Objectives Achievement Recognition--that didn't make sense to me, until I read it as more of a sentence. Anyway, I got the award because of the extra work I did writing copy and copy-editing a new website. It was supposed to have been minimal effort on my part, but turned into a major project, causing a lot of extra work and--if truth be told--a lot of stress as well. But now it's just about done, and my work on that project has decreased to nearly nothing.

Receiving the award was sure a surprise, but a very nice one. With your SOAR certificate you can choose from a list of gifts. I guess most people will save their certificates and combine them with new ones. Then the available gifts are more valuable.

In a few minutes I'm going to lunch with my friend, Penny, who just returned from maternity leave. I am STARVING, and am craving a Q-doba vegetarian taco salad.


Beata said...

What a wonderful news! Mom, congratulations! I am so happy for you. You really deserved it. Don't wait for the next certificate, just get something now!!!! And tell me what it is, ok? :-) I love you!

rob said...

Mom, don't listen to her. Save your certificate! I had a dream about this, and believe me--you want to save the certificate. And if Danica Patrick ever pulls up next to the bathtub you're in driving a '79 Pacer full of gumballs, DO NOT get in. It's a trick.

Sounds like a well-deserved honor. Great job!
Love and miss you.

Jer said...

Bea, they don't have the gift catalogue out yet, so I have to wait before deciding. I'll let you know.

When I won employee of the month last year I got two round trip tickets anywhere in the US. So I went to LA, TWICE, to visit Jill and the gang. I think they should be back from Cancun today. Or maybe they got in last night. We'll hear from her soon. I miss Kayla and Hunter so much.

And Rob, thanks a million for my first laugh of the day. I hope it's not the last. Love you both, Mom

anne frasier said...

jer, that's so cool!
and wow! round trip tickets for employee of the month!!! that is amazing!! i would be expecting five lattes from starbucks or a 15 minute massage. now i have damn high expectations for the gift catalog!

Jer said...

I don't know what the gift catalog will entail, Anne, because five of us got the award at the same time. So it's different than the Employee of the Month. We'll see.