Saturday, February 25, 2006

2/25 Paris and poker

This morning I'm relaxing. This afternoon I'll work. But I'll do it in the living room where I can have movies going at the same time.

So while I'm relaxing I was watching the old musical Gigi. I've seen it several times, but this is the first time since I've returned from Europe. I was absolutely thrilled to recognize different areas of Paris I'd visited. Then I noticed that the camera angles in the Tuillieries Jardin were clever because you couldn't see any modern (circa 1955) items. No wonder it won some Oscars.

Now, as I type, Lili is on in the background. It was made in 1953 and was Leslie Caron's first movie (or at least first major movie). I remember seeing it with my mother when I was very young. She and I would sing Hi Lilly, Hi Lilly, Hi Lo, a song from the movie. Nice memories.

Earlier this morning I played online poker. Last night I won $15 in a $3 game, so thought I'd try my luck again. But this morning, luck wasn't with me. I lost $6 in two games. Too bad. But it's sure fun.

Well, guess I should do some productive.

Nope. I rethought it, and will wait until this afternoon.

"A song of love is a sad song
Hi lilly, hi lilly, hi lo.
A song of love is a song of woe.
Don't ask me how I know.
A song of love of is a sad song
For I have loved and it's so.
I sit at the window and watch the rain
Hi lilly, hi lilly, hi lo.
Tomorrow I'll probably love again
Hi lilly, hi lilly, hi lo."

A silly little song, yet it makes me smile. And I remember Mom saying, "That Jean Pierre Aumand. He's good lookin'."

P.S.--The pager didn't go off last night. Yay. Only 13 more nights to go.


Pauline B Jones said...

I like to have a movie on in the backg round when I write, too. Sometimes its something on TCM, but I also like to listen to Star Trek NG on Spike in the afternoons.

For years, my desk wasn't near a television, so I listened to music, but now I think it is just sound and something familiar...and the habit. It's a signal to my brain, it is time to work.

Nice to meet a fellow SG-1 fan. :-)

Perilous Pauline (g)

Jer said...

Me too, Pauline. And, like you, I do miss Jack. Sigh. He's even cuter now than he was as McGyver.

Jeff said...

Isn't it funny how certain songs or movies can elicit such powerful memories? Sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

Jer said...

Funny, Jeff. I just finished crying my eyes out at the movie Same Time, Next Year with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn.

My sisters and I always loved that movie. Normally I'm not a fan of adultery :), but this show is just so darn romantic and funny. The theme song is enough to make me well up. Today, I watched it while writing an article for a website. (Well, the article kind of made me tear up, too.)

Okay, back to work. Wonder what movie I'll watch next while I write.

Beata said...

Mom, watch something that will make you laugh. Enough with crying! :-)
I love your posting... very sentimental and somehow comforting. I feel warmer after reading it.

Jer said...

I've been working, so no sentimentality lately. And thanks for the compliment, sweetie. Love you, Mom