Thursday, February 23, 2006

2/23 Writing glitches

The article I worked on Wednesday is now on hold. The assistant superintendent at the prison said she needs 30 days to get permission for me to ask some inmates to take a survey. When I wrote the article about Prison Performing Arts it took about a minute and a half to get permission. Same state, different institution.

While I was talking to my contact we came up with another idea for an article, but it will take 30 days to get permission for that one too. So now I don't know what I'll do. I did tell her to continue on with the permission thing, and I'll use the material for a later article.

I'm pretty frustrated right now because I've got less than a week to come up with an article. This is a fairly scholarly journal, but they do allow anecdotal (rather than research-based) articles. I don't have to work at CSz this weekend, but really don't want to take my weekend with work. I'd much rather work on my manuscripts. Or just veg out.

Back to the drawing board--which is the cocktail table in my living room. I tend to write better there than at my desk. I make sure there's nothing on the table except what I'm working on--it reduces distractions. And depending on what I'm writing, I have paper and pen or else my laptop. Novels=laptop. Article ideas and drafts=paper. Don't know why it's worked out that way, but it has. At work I use the computer for articles, but at home I feel more creative with paper.

I use the computer for my novels in progress, unless I'm on an airplane. Then I write on paper. Normally it doesn't come to much, unless it's a trans-Pacific or trans-Atlantic flight. Then I rotate between movies, writing, and reading.

I always carry a notebook with me and jot down ideas for comedy sketches, or even the entire sketch; novel ideas; to-do lists; description of interesting people, sights, smells, experiences. Everything is fodder...

How/where do you write?


Jeff said...

I usually always do my writing on my laptop, unless I'm jotting down an outline or notes for my story. My penmanship is awful. lol
I don't have one particular area that I find best for my writing as long as I can work fairly uninterrupted. Yea for portable laptops. :)

Jer said...

I hear ya, Jeff.

I forgot to note that I write in coffee shops too. I enjoy that and tend to do it late Sunday mornings.

rob said...

I write from "my" chair in the living room. My laptop is always on the table next to me. (The base has casters and it rolls conveniently under my chair, hanging my laptop in the perfect position.) Usually, when I'm in the chair, I have one dog and one cat on me, beside me, or on the ottoman next to my feet. It's cozy.

Of course, mom, when I write my blog, I do so from atop the highest mountain on Okinawa: Yama Rob-san. Better for me to look down upon the rest of the world whilst serving up the resplendent ire that I know you love so much.

Seriously, I wish you luck with the article! Remember--making opprobrious remarks about Ms. Sheehan is always easy money. What kind of journal is it again?

Just do it.

Jer said...

My daily rob-laugh. Thanks.

It's Reclaiming Children and Youth, about strengths-based interventions for kids with problematic behaviors. Hmmm--maybe I could just write about your senior year? Love you, Mom

Beata said...

Mom, I used to write my ideas and short stories on paper, but it pissed Rob so much that he made sure to change that habit of mine. I guess I was being too old fashioned to him... Now I always write on my laptop (to pure joy of my beloved husband, who has the look on his face: "I told you sooo!") Only when I get some ideas in the weirdest places, I quickly write them down on anything that's under my hand--like toilet paper. Now you know what weird place is, right? ;-)
I hope the article will go smooth for you, even if you have to use some of the weekened to write it. I love you!

Jer said...

That's why big purses are nice too. You can always have a notebook handy to write on.

I'm glad you both have laptops, because it's fun "talking" to both of you at the same time. :)

Beata said...

I love that too! And I got a nice bag for my comoter, very stylish, and of course--Rob hates it! But I don't care. I love it. It's mine. I am so excited to get to the States and get NORMAL cell phones!!! Yeaaahhhh! I will be sending you messages, and call anybody I want! SMS are so much fun! Everybody in Europe are doing it, and I've missing it here. The only person who calls my cell here, is Rob. That's it. And I can't even call him back because he just lost another phone of his. Yep--that's my baby. Loosing stuff here and there, all the time.

rob said...

Sorry, honey, you're not allowed to use your computer unsupervised anymore.

Mom, you're right--you probably could write about my senior year. And others.

Anybody want some cats, by the way? It's too bad North Carolina outlawed cats back in the 1900s. Oh well, a law is a law.

Jer said...

Beata, I don't get too many text messages on my phone, so yours will be very welcome.

And, Rob, quit making me laugh. I have to work!

Beata said...

Mom, I am a SMS queen!!!! (or I used to be back in DK when I had a NORMAL cell phone!!!!) I will be sending you so many messages that you will get tired of me very quick!