Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2/14 Happy Valentine's Day!

I have a date tonight.

No, not that kind of date (sigh), but with seven women. BroadMinded is rehearsing tonight. Out of the eight of us, two are married (Stacy and Mary Jo), one's boyfriend is in California (Anne), one's bf is in NY (Megan), and the other four of us are the stuff sitcoms are made of.

Other than me, the others are young, intelligent and lovely. (Okay, I'm the last two, just not the first.) Don't know why everyone is dateless. Michele is one of the funniest women on God's green earth, and has the most beautiful eyes and tons of friends. Melissa is one of the funniest women on God's green earth (that sounds familiar), has an infectious laugh, and a beautiful smile. Maria is one of the funniest women on God's green earth (I know it's repetitive, but I can't help but state what's true), is very pretty and does stand-up with me.

Then there's me. Other than having an ass the size of Rhode Island, I'm practically perfect.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Hope you are happy and are with the one(s) you love. I know I will have a wonderful evening--hanging out with BM (OOPS, guess we can't abbreviate BroadMinded).


Jeff said...

Happy Valentine's Day, jer. :)

Jer said...

Thanks. With my beer, I'll toast to all my writer pals. Jer

Beata said...

Aaaahhh.... so that's how big the Rhode Island is...? See, I am not American--I need information like this. ;-)
Mom, happy Valentine's Day! Having tons of beautiful girlfriends on a day like that, will make at least few people jealous--believe me! Consider yourself lucky!

Jer said...

Oh, Beata. You are so funny.

Anyway, we had a good get-together. They seemed to really like the sketch I wrote (about the bank). So that was cool. More tomorrow when I post... Love Mom