Sunday, February 26, 2006

2/26 Sunday morning

I called Beata and Rob last night. Even though her birthday is Wednesday, Rob had a party for her today. Of course as I type this, it's 11:45 PM there, so the party is long over, as it began in the afternoon.

She said he'd given her a real girly-girl party--her very first one. She had pink and white balloons and a pink and white cake. And he did all the cooking. She said it was everything from Bubba Gump Shrimp. All their friends were coming over, and it sounded like a lot of fun.

I surprised her by asking her to join me in New York City in the beginning of April. She yelped, I swear. Even though we're going to Nashville at the end of the month, she'll get to meet some of our writer friends earlier than planned. On Saturday we'll all go to Glo's house and play word games--testing them out for her. It's all quite fun. Then Sunday morning we'll have brunch with everyone in the city as another friend will be coming in from Pennsylvania. Sunday afternoon I'll have to begin work, so Beatka will have plenty of time to explore and to spend time with her friend Heidi.

That's not her only birthday present though. The other one, I'm keeping until she gets here.


Jeff said...

Happy Birthday to Beata. You guys have fun! :)

Beata said...

Thank you Jeff, and thank you Mom--so much!!! Your phone call was the best way to start a great party. It did put me right in the mood!!!! Yeaaaahhhhh!!!! I am going to New York!!!!! Oh, God, I can't even believe I am saying that! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom--I will massage your feet every night while in NYC! ;-)
My birthday party was just perfect! I couldn't wish for a better one. Rob made everythng happen: the balloons, the food, the music, all pink-white decorations, just all of it! We had such a great time, but more about that in my own blog (with pictures!) :-)

rob said...

It really was fun. The good didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but there sure was a lot of it. I didn't do everything. J.B. made a really delicious cake (with Splenda--for me), and Alex made Hawaiian pork, which was just amazing.

Beata's really looking forward to going to New York with you, mom. I wish I could go too, but I'll be happily getting us settled still.

Love you,

Jer said...

Thanks, Jeff. You don't even know R and B, but you probably feel like you do since you read my blog. I know she appreciates the good wishes. Isn't it amazing how we get so acquainted? I love it.

Bea and Rob, I'm thrilled that you'll soon be home. That's all I care about. And I'll read your blog, Beata... but maybe tomorrow. I just got in from CSz, and had a good time. Love you. MOm