Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2/8 It went well, I think!

I'm sneaking in for a few minutes. Am in a meeting during lunch today, so can't post then. Today is incredibly busy, and of course I'm tired because of last night.

The show at Giggles went really well. Some people were a little more nervous than others. I don't feel scared of performing, but I do have a fear that I'll get up and my mind will be a total blank. Luckily it didn't happen. Not only did I remember everything, I got laughs in all the right places. Was even able to ad lib a little (thank you, improv training). I was the only female performer, and the MC said something snarky about all the male comics were excited I was there because they thought they'd get to have sex with me.

My first line when I got up on stage was, "Well, two down, five to go." It got a LOT of laughs. Then I went into my regular routine.

I had five people in the audience who came for me, and then several others who were mutual friends with other performers. So it was cool. Our CEO was there, and my immediate boss. Lew, from work came again. She was in the audience last year when I played Giggles. Plus Tony, my friend from the Medical College, and Chris, who surprised me by taking a break from work. He's on my Rec League team--Brainstorm. Michele, from CSz, came to see Jim perform, but she's in BroadMinded with me. Then there were Christine and Jeff--who were in several CSz classes with me.

All in all, everything went really well. Our instructor said he liked my new stuff and that this was the best I'd ever done. The asst. manager of the Comedy Club told me I did a great job, and he bought me a beer.

I'm looking forward to performing again.


Anonymous said...

Huge congrats, Jerilyn! That is awesome. I think you're being sounds like you rocked the house. -- Gretchen

Jer said...

You're a sweetie, Gretchen. Thanks. Jer

rob said...

Can I tell people my mom's a stand-up comic now? I love it! Great job, mom. We wish we could have been there. Sounds like you killed.

Can't sleep. Enjoying your latest blog entries... I'm so proud of you.

Love Rob

Jer said...

Thanks, Robbie. You could have said your mom's a stand-up comic more than a year ago. I'm glad you're finally reading my blog. :)

This was my sixth or seventh time performing stand-up. And I even got paid for it once. In Las Vegas--thanks to my dear friend, Bruce. He had me open for him there, when we were there for a HW shindig. Love you, Mom

Beata said...

Mom, it sounds like it was a very successful night! Oh, I wish we were there to see you! You are a natural talent Mom, and I will always be 100% behind you in whatever you chose to do next! You have no idea how proud I am of you!

Jer said...

Thanks, Beatka. Your support means a lot. I'll perform the act when we're in Nashville, so you can see it then. Love you. Mom

Dave Feldman said...

"... and he bought me a beer."

You're a writer and an editor, Jer. You should know never to bury the lead!

Jer said...

You're right, DF. And when I tell you he's younger than 30, it's even more impressive.