Monday, February 27, 2006

2/27 Travel plans

I'm in a good mood--am taking the train to Quincy on March 10 for a long weekend, am going to NYC in early April, I'm flying to Los Angeles in mid April for a long weekend, and will be in Nashville in late April with a bunch of writer friends. Looks like my April blogs will be one long travelog.

So I'll see lots of people I love and of course I'm grinning. Bought the Amtrak tickets this morning, and will buy the LA tickets as soon as I get my IRS refund. The NY trip is for business.

Last night was fun playing in the CSz Rec League. My team won, but only because we won the coin flip. There was hardly anyone in the audience, because we played last. The only people there were other players and they clapped nicely for each team. The ref couldn't decide who won so he flipped a coin. No complaints from me, it's still in the W column.

Oh, and the prez sent me an article, so I don't have to write one. I'm just going to edit, then add a bit to hers. That's a wonderful stress reduction. I'll work from home at least a half day tomorrow in order to get it done. It definitely has to be in by March 1, which is not-so-slowly creeping up.


Beata said...

Mom, I think you are the busiest person I know. I am happy that you enjoy all your trips, visits, kids, job, and also get time to entertain people (and yourself) at your commedy club! :-)

Jer said...

Just got home from a meeting and now I'm sitting here eating a quesadilla. Yum.

rob said...

I'm so glad about the article. You deserve some time to relax. Love you.

Jer said...

After I ate the quesadilla, I relaxed big time. Watched all my "guilty pleasure" reality shows. Slept like a babe. (Not baby--babe.) And am working from home today. Love you.