Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2/28 Working off-site again.

Yeah, I worked in my pajamas. Want to make something of it?

I had so much to do, and just couldn't concentrate at work. Something's always going on and I'm so damn distractible. Even with my door closed I'm constantly looking up to see what's going on. Guess I should close my blinds too, but I hate to be that isolated. I'm grateful I at least have a door. If I had a cubicle, I'd never get anything done.

Got a lot done here, though. Left at 4:30 to run to the grocery store, and spent more money than I've spent EVER since I've been living alone. Bought so many staples, and things that just plain cost more. Yikes.

So anyway, that means I need to work a little more this evening, since I took off early. Tonight BroadMinded was supposed to rehearse, but only three of us could make it, so we postponed until next Monday. So I'll either work, write, or watch American Idol and the premiere of Amazing Race. Guess which one will win?


Bron said...

mmm pyjama working.... yay... I've been doing that most of the week.... some of my students have given me some funny looks ;)

Jer said...

That's funny. It would be even funnier if it weren't true.