Thursday, February 09, 2006

2/9 Talented friends

Another writer spoke of a new, talented singer/songwriter in his blog, and I thought that was a great idea. I have some friends who are also very talented, and I can use this space to help promote their work.

Today, we'll talk about Bruce Goldish. Not only is he a hilarious wordsmith, he is also such a talented acoustic guitarist and songwriter. He writes such gorgeous melodies, and his fingers work miracles on the guitar. Please check out some of his songs. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

As an aside, he's also one of my favorite humans. When we had a writer/friend get-together in Las Vegas in 2005, Bruce was scheduled to perform at Acoustic Roadshow. He asked for me as his opening act, even though I'm a comic, not a musician. How sweet is that! Bruce is the reason I can say with all honesty that I played Vegas.

Love you, Bruce. Hope you sell a million billion CDs.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the link, jer. I'll check him out. :)

Jer said...

Cool, Jeff. I'm confident you'll like his music.

Dave Feldman said...

I hear he's a hunk, too. Or was that just a rumor?

Anonymous said...

No rumor. He is a hunk.

From one who knows a hunk when she sees one.

The Kid From Brooklyn

anne frasier said...

i saw bruce play at gingko's in st. paul. women were throwing their panties at him., if you find any with purple cats on them -- those would be mine.

Jer said...

I love it. Now we just need to get Bruce here to respond to these um..allegations. But he is indeed a hunk. And the women do love him. He thrives on that. Luckily for him, men enjoy his music too, and will buy his CDs.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have typo'd "hunk" instead of "punk."

But I'm not going to mention it, as it might detract from my basking.


Jer said...

Okay, so you're a hunky punk or a punky hunk. Who cares? You're talented!