Saturday, February 11, 2006

2/11 Tired old broad

I worked last night and tonight at CSz, and my feet hurt from standing on cement floors. It was a good day though, except there's more added to the bank saga. It's so ludicrous, that I have to laugh instead of cry.

So I wrote a comedy sketch about it, and think it's really funny. I'll present it to the BroadMinded gang on Tuesday night when we get together. Hope they like it.

Tomorrow Brainstorm plays a CSz match at 6. I'll get there earlier to watch some of the other teams play and to support my friends.


Jeff said...

Banks can be such a pain. I'll bet the routine you worked up is hilarious!

Beata said...

Mom, it's great that you get the best out of stupid bank situation like that! They just suck!!!! I can't wait to hear your sketch!

Jer said...

(Jeff, cute little picture of the founder of JNEP.)

Thanks to both of you. Yep, I do think it will be funny. It's either laugh about a painful situation or put someone's head through a wall. Since I was alone, I decided to write a sketch about it.

Jeff said...

jer- Thanks, I was around ten years old when that picture was taken. lol