Saturday, May 13, 2006

5/13 Fun with family in Quincy

The train ride was fine, without incident. Always a good thing. Arrived a little late, around 10:30 PM, and Jan was waiting for me. We drove over to Joe and Cindy's (bro and s-i-l). They were preparing for the big party tonight. It's their son who's graduating from WIU today. Everyone is very proud of Adam. Plus he had his own art show a few weeks ago. I couldn't make it, but will buy a piece today. He's very talented. Congrats, Adam.

We got to Jan and Tim's close to midnight, so it was right to bed. Well, except I talked to Russ on the phone first. It's difficult, because there is very bad reception in that rural area. Beautiful home on beautiful acreage, but lousy cell phone reception.

Got up around 8 and had coffee and rolls with Jan and Tim. The rolls were from Underbrink's Bakery, a Quincy staple since 1929. 17th and College has our grade school, church, and Underbrink's. There was a convent on the corner as well, but it was torn down. Anyway, Underbrink's has been in our lives forever. And their nut cups and nut rolls are beyond belief. Yum.

We left for town about 11 and met at Kris's. (Jan and Tim's daughter. Her house is across the street from Joe and Cindy's. Yes, we all get along just fine.) Then Jan, Jane and I walked to the mall to buy Ryka shoes on sale. They are the best walking/running shoes for women, made on a women's last rather than men's. And they are one of the major sponsors of the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Then we walked to Kelly's for lunch. That's a restaurant that does a great business at both lunch and dinner--cheese soup is a favorite. I was devestated years ago when I found out there was chicken broth in it, and had to stop eating it. Why in the hell did I even ask?

Lunch was great though. Jan, Tim and Kris; Jane, Pete, and Sarah; Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Al; and yours truly. The only one with a single person on her check. Sigh.

After lunch Jan, Jane and I walked to Walgreens, Ben Franklin (to get some things for the cemetary), and then back to Kris's. J and J are walking to the cemetary now.

When Jan and Jane get back, we'll go back to Jan's house to get cleaned up for the celebration. Should be fun. Always is. And I officially vote Joe as the funniest Bozarth. Check out his blog, full of inside jokes that you won't get.


c said...

Thanks Jer for making the time in your very hectic (especially by my standards) schedule to be in Quincy for Adam's graduation party. It meant a lot to share the day with so many people...though our house was bulging at the seams, it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves. My boys loved "jer games" which were the perfect end for a perfect day in this mothers eyes.

Jer said...

Cindy, as usual you had great food and drinks. I thought I'd drink a lot of beer but ended up drinking iced tea all night.

I love playing "jer games" with your sons. All three are so talented and fun. I told Adam I'd hook him up with the ComedySportz folks in NYC.

Thanks for a great party. Love you.