Wednesday, May 24, 2006

5/24 Snippets

Snip: Got an email from Red Cross Disaster Services. They need volunteers to go to Massachusetts and New Hampshire to assist with folks displaced because of the floods. Would love to be able to help. Sigh.

Snip: Last night at Bucketworks was so much fun. There were about 20 people there. Sometimes there are only six or seven, so this was quite exciting. I really had a good time.

Snip: Several people went out for a beer afterward. I went for one. A nice group of folks, and I had a good time. Too bad I have to get up early or I would have stayed longer.

Snip: Again there were four of us from BroadMinded there. It's great to work together more and more. It helps to build the group cohesiveness and also to help us be able to predict how the other person will perform, and what works well with her. One of the objects is to make the other person look good. If you know them well, you can do that even better.

Snip: My family is getting together this weekend at a nephew's house. I love Milwaukee, but would love it more if it were closer to Quincy. Six hours is a bit much to drive one way for a picnic. Another sigh.

Snip: Since Russ is working nights in California for several weeks, it's like we're living in parallel universes. Hard to communicate, but we're doing our best.

Snip: Am working on Memorial Day because I need to take an extra day off during the week. Will take off Thursday and Friday, because next weekend is the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Am picking up my sisters at the train station in Naperville on Thursday and we're just going to have a sisters' day. I'm thrilled at the prospect. I love them so much and we have a great time together. Then we'll spend the night at my brother and sister-in-law's home in Aurora. Friday we'll go into Chicago for Event Eve. As a team leader I have a few separate meetings to go to that day.

Snip: Talked to Jill and the kids yesterday morning. Technology makes communication so much easier. I can not only talk to my daughter and grandkids but I can see them on my computer screen.

Snip: Haven't said it yet today--I'm a lucky bug. Indeed I am.

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