Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5/23 Try Blingo and Noodles.com

Got this from a friend's blog, so I joined. She and her pal both immediately won iTunes gift certificates. It's powered by Google, so I figure it's legit. Do it or don't do it. Whatever. Just thought I'd put it out here. Check at the bottom of blog for free Noodles and Company food. Yay, I love them.

(My real blog for today will be published a little later.)

Join Blingo Friends with Me

Blingo is the search engine that gives away prizes every day like
Sony PlayStation Portables, Apple iPods, Visa gift cards, and more.

You can also invite your friends to use Blingo, and when one of them
wins a prize, you win the same prize. That means if someone you
invited wins an iPod, you win one too.

Just click this button to join Blingo Friends:Blingo

jerilyn and Blingo


Go to their website and sign up for their birthday program. You'll not only get free food on your birthday (which you'd also get if you signed up in the restaurant), you'll also get a coupon via email for free food right away. Our receptionist here at work just told me about this. She was eating her food. And I'd just eaten at the restaurant. I love their pastas and soups and salads. In other words--everything. So go to noodles.com and sign up. (Unless you're my relatives in Quincy IL, where they don't have this restaurant. Sorry 'bout that.)


anne frasier said...

jer, thanks for the noodles tip. i eat there all the time. i've been disappointed to find that they've quit offering their punch cards, so this kind of makes up for it! :D

Jer said...

I didn't realize they stopped the punch cards. I'm still using one, got it punched yesterday; I assume they'll honor it.

Love them noodles. Yum.

anne frasier said...

they still had cards under the counter for a while. you had to ask. that phase was going to last 3 months i think, then no more cards. not even the secret ones. but they're going to honor the ones that are being used.

i got my coupon today! woo-hoo!

i love the megaphone noodle. hehe

Jer said...

I got my coupon yesterday too, Anne. I'm having Thai Curry soup for lunch. Love it. Yum. Maybe I'll go now...