Saturday, May 20, 2006

5/20 Lazy day, and I love it

Can't believe I don't have to go out today. Wow. And I can't believe I'm so damn happy about it.

Last night was another fun night. I was supposed to learn about running music in the tech booth but Dick was the one doing it for the show and he really didn't know a lot about it himself. So I'm going to ask AJ or Mike to teach me instead. I watched the 7:30 show with Lupe and really enjoyed myself. The 10:00 show was a special sketch comedy show by The Gentlemen's Hour. I know two guys in that group--the aforementioned Mike, and Patrick who is involved in the Bucketworks open improv. They were so funny. Everything went smoothly and was hysterical. I know that BroadMinded has a long way to go. But Dick said to let him know when we're ready to play at 10 on a Friday at CSz. Something to look forward to, that's for sure. I'm afraid we'll have to cut our group down a bit since some folks can never come to practice, and haven't written any material either. I personally don't mind if people don't write--I love doing that, and adjusting the script based upon edits from everyone. Seems to work well.

Watched the show with Melissa and Michele. Michele had just flown in from NYC, so was tired, but she seemed to enjoy the show. Megan was there too, but was with another group of friends, so we waved from afar. :)

So many fun evenings this week, but I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere today. Yay. Lots of work to do here, though.

Tomorrow is the CSz banquet for staff. Should be fun.


rob said...

Enjoy that day of relaxation, mom. I'm doing the same thing today. Lots of work to do tomorrow!

Love you.

Jer said...

Love you too, sweetie. Take care of yourself.

Beata said...

Mom, even when you are relaxing, you still have fun. That's great! I hope you get to enjoy your weekend and get a lot of phone calls from Russ! :-)

Jer said...

We still talk a lot. But now he's working 12 hour shifts at night--8PM to 8AM for at least three weeks.

cindy said...

Add 6 days a week to that, and welcome to my life! Seriously, it puts a damper on most relationships to have one person working nights, and Joe has done it since 1991. Hang in there Jer, it is only for 3 weeks.

Jer said...

This is for seven days a week, but not for long. Anyway, it's not like we see each other. :) We can still talk on the phone, just at odd times. So no big deal for me. But I don't think he likes working nights.