Sunday, May 14, 2006

5/14 Back to Milwaukee

Wow, what a fast turnaround. But the trip was so worth it. I had a ball at Adam's party. Of course, Cindy had so much food for us. Everything was delicious. And it was great seeing everyone too.

I bought one of Adam's art works. It's called The Artist Distracted, and it is so neat. I had to leave it at Jan's until I visit with my car, because I was scared to take it on the train. Didn't want to damage it. What's cool is that so many of us in the family have an original "Adam Bozarth."

Then we played "jer games," and I laughed my ass off. Those of us who played the most were Adam, Cody, Eric, Jay, Jeff, and me. Every now and then someone else would jump in like John and Jane. We "performed" for the rest of the family. Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Al seemed to enjoy themselves and they stayed pretty late. (I was so happy to hear from Aunt Bon that she reads my blog every day--Hi, Aunt Bonnie!)

We played games until about quarter to 12. I had to get up this morning at 4:30, so I didn't get much sleep. When we got back to Jan and Tim's I spoke to Russ until almost 1 AM. 3 1/2 hours sleep isn't enough for me, and I felt rough all day.

Jan and Tim are so sweet to let me stay at their lovely home. I had fun even though the visit was so short. Looking forward to returning. Will write more about the trip tomorrow. Right now I'm still tired. But I'm so very happy.


Cindy said...

thanks again for making the trip, and for purchasing some of Adam's art (maybe he won't be a starving artist this week) I find it funny to see what peices different people pick. thanks again for bring "jer games". My boys seem to have tons of fun, and were reportedly pretty good.

Jer said...

All three of them have natural talent for improv. (I think most Bozarths do. All the "smart mouthing" is paying off. :) I told Adam I'd introduce him to the manager of the New York ComedySportz. After taking some workshops he'd be able to audition for the troupe.