Sunday, May 21, 2006

5/21 Banquet and pics

Today CSz Milwaukee had their banquet. Food was good, everyone was dressed up, people were funny, that's about it. I had a good time.

Now I have to pick up my place because the cleaners are coming tomorrow. If I don't put things away they won't have anything to dust, because all the surfaces are covered.

And here is a picture from Russ's and my trip to Southern California.


cindy said...

I would have liked a more close up picture to get a good look at Russ, b/c from this one all we can tell is he is taller than you, but then most everyone is!!!!

I still envy you the housekeeper (especially now with 3 messy boys home) but I sure don't want to "pick up" before she comes.

Jer said...

I didn't take many pictures. Was too busy having fun. I'll see if there's another one I can post.

And the only way you wouldn't have to "pick up" before the housekeeper cleans is if the person lived in and knew where everything went. Or perhaps if you're so neat there's nothing to pick up. Neither of those apply to me. :) Trust me though, I do appreciate the ability to have someone clean for me. This week again I'm out almost every night, so it's virtually impossible to carve out some cleaning time--not that I'd do it anyway.

Jeff said...

Nice picture, Jer. :)

Jer said...

Thanks, Jeff. Appreciate it.