Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5/2 Kayla's birthday

Six years ago today my beautiful grand-daughter was born. From the moment we met we've had a fun and fascinating relationship. She is bright, funny, and absolutely gorgeous. Kayla's been in a Princess phase for several years. Now she's crazy about Dora the Explorer. She's in kindergarten and already reads and writes. I'm simply amazed!

Here's what she wants for her birthday (among other things):

A Barbie (this would probably be Barbie #300)
Dress that is good for spinning around
A plastic lizard
Make up
And it goes on...

This is a girl of complexity. Make up and a plastic lizard. She does indeed love lizards ever since she met a Komodo dragon (I think that's what it was) in Cancun. She loves snakes too.

And I love her beyond words.

Happy birthday, Kayla. Love, Grandma


Anonymous said...

A plastic lizard! My daughters are bouncing a couple around the house at any given time. Go figure!

Jer said...

That is so cool, Jason. I'm glad Kayla's not the only little girl with a penchant for lizards. :)

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

I can't believe my baby is 6 years old already. Where did the time go? At the same time, I sure do enjoy watching each phase go by as she learns more and more everyday and keeps me in amazement with each new skill.

Aunt Karen said...


Happy Birthday to a gorgeous little girl. Six years old already! Have a very special day!

Aunt Karen

Joanne said...

Happy birthday to the special little angel!

If Kayla loves Dora, here's a great gift:


You can have a personalized video made, with Kayla in it, having adventures with Dora. I got it for my granddaughter and it was a real hit!

Jer said...

What a wonderful idea. I'll check it out. Thanks, Joanne.