Friday, May 19, 2006

5/19 Another fun night

I worked at CSz from 5-8 PM and then joined Melissa to watch the rest of the 7:30 show. Some funny bits. We got to visit a little with Megan who was bartending.

On the way home I talked to Russ a little while. He was at an Irish pub and the karaoke was just going to start.

After I got home I watched the finals of American Inventor. The right guy won. Janusz, a Polish immigrant. Beata, I should have told you about the show so you could watch.

Tonight is The Gentlemen's Hour at 10 at CSz. Many of us from BroadMinded are attending, to see how it's done. :) But when Dick told me he's doing sound for the 7:30 show (and he usually only does stuff like that when there's no one else available), I told him that I'd love to learn any of the skills for the tech booth. It would be something new for me. So he said he'd teach me tonight, since that would help him learn more. Apparently he's pretty new at it too. So I'm going in early so the instruction can begin. Should be fun. And interesting.


Beata said...

Hi Mom, what's the show about? I am glad that a Polish guy won!:-)

Jer said...

People just come in with inventions. He won for the best new invention on the show.