Thursday, May 25, 2006

5/25 Happy/Unhappy

I love my boss. She supported me today and other days with the ferocity of a mother tiger. Even though she's younger than I am, I appreciate that about her so much.

The above makes me happy.

The reason she had to defend me makes me unhappy.

That's life. Ya takes da good wit da bad.

(The last sentence was me practicing a New York accent. Last night's dialect workshop was awesome. I'm finally confident enough to do a Scottish accent and an upper-crust British one. Definitely worth the money.)


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

I'm so glad you are happy. I am glad to see you have such good support at work. Between work and family... you got it all covered. Love you and miss you.

Jer said...

Yep, I do have it covered. Between work, family, and friends... :)

Love you, Mom

Beata said...

Mom, that's wonderful that your boss is your friend, and not your enemy--which happens way too often. But if she only tried to hurt you, we would kick her butt anyway! :-)

Jer said...

Good girl, Beatka. You know how to take care of your mama.

By the way, in a meeting yesterday someone said a word that ended in "ka" and people asked what it meant. I chimed in that it means "little" and that my d-i-l speaks Polish and I call her kupka. Then I told them it meant "little shit" and that it was a term of endearment in our family. Just thought you should know. :)