Monday, May 15, 2006

5/15 Oops I forgot!

While in Union Station Jill called me to wish me a happy Mother's Day. Hunter wasn't in the mood to talk, but Kayla and I chatted for quite a long time. They'd made presents for Jill, and it did bring tears to my eyes as I recalled when Jill and Rob used to do the same.

Rob and Beata called a little while later. Rob was getting ready to leave for the field for two months, but they called before he left, which really touched me. (Thanks, Beata!) Then when I got home I found a package from them. They sent a gorgeous card, two fun T-shirts that I'd only wear to work out in (lol), and some lovely mango fragrances from Bath and Body Shop. Smells so good I'll probably be tempted to eat it. Thanks so much you guys for remembering me.

Oh, and my godson, Jordan, gave me some beautiful earrings that I can't wait to wear. (Thanks, Jane.)

PS--on an entirely different subject, I just downloaded new ringtones for the first time. Now my phone plays "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. When Russ called a few minutes ago, it played and happily surprised me. What a nice tune to hear if you're feeling down (I'm not though). Also downloaded Bad Day. Makes me think of American Idol. I'll use it as a ringtone when I'm in a bad mood.

For my iPod I downloaded Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. Love it. Ever since I heard Katherine sing it on AI, I've wanted to have it on my iPod.


Beata said...

Both Rob and I love James Blunt! I introduced Rob to Blunt's music and he got addicted ever since. We downloaded the whole album... it's just beautiful :-)
Mom, we are so happy that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Love, Bea.

Jer said...

It's great for my ego to hear "You're Beautiful" every time my phone rings. :) Love you, Mom