Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5/31 Sleep deprived

Wow, life is sure a roller coaster--going faster and faster. Sometimes I like the lulls, but most of the time I really appreciate the speed, and the ups and downs.

Right now I just feel tired. But excited. Last night was Open Improv at Bucketworks and tonight is a 102 class. Brand new, and I'm going to it. Actually, I'm really looking forward to it. One of the best things about doing all this improv is that members of my sketch group, BroadMinded, are doing this too. We're really getting to know each other so much better, and that builds trust, which translates to better work on stage.

I'll have to finish packing tonight too. So much to prepare for. Two nights (one in a hotel, one at my brother's house) with regular clothes, then one night camping when we're doing the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Tomorrow will be a super day with my sisters. I'll pick them up at the Naperville train station and we're just going to have a fun day, ending at Jim and Karen's house--where we always have a great time. It's become a tradition, before we go into Chicago to prepare for the walk, we stay at their house one night.

Then Friday we go into Chicago for "Event Eve." Registration and meetings for me. Registration and relaxation for Jane and Jan, since they are walking. Forty miles. Wow. This is Jan's fifth year walking. I walked with her the first year (when it was three days and 60 miles). Since then I've been working on the Incident Response crew and am the Operations team leader. Jane joined us the second year and has been working on the Medical Crew. This is her first time walking. I'm so proud of both of them. (In the picture Jan, in the middle, looks a little like a drowned rat. That's because she walked the 40 miles, and the last of it was in rain. We're wearing our Victory Shirts.)

This is our special weekend, and always provides so many memories. Knowing you are really making a difference in the lives of many underserved women and men--it makes the "no sleep" and tired feet seem insignificant. (Yes, even though I'm not walking, I'm on my feet most of the weekend.)

Our goal is to kick breast cancer's ass. (I'm probably mixing my metaphors, but you get my drift.)


Cindy said...

Please know how proud of you 3 girls we are. Not for just your committed support with walking and crewing, but for your valient effort in raising huge dollars to be used to really "kick breast cancer's ass" Do not underestimate you contribution to the cause. They would not have 'crew' there if they weren't truly needed. So 'GO BOZARTH SISTERS, AND SHOW THEM WHAT YOUR MADE OF'. Have some fun too.

Also thanks Jer for helping me through my mini melt down...have you ever considered a future in Crisis Prevention? You might be good at that!

Jer said...

Aw, Cin. You had it all figured out anyway. But I was happy to be here for ya.

And thanks, I'm so ready to go and do this. (Oops just got notified that I got another donation. Wow. Will have to check this out.)

Beata said...

We hope you guys have a nice weather and everything goes smoothly during the walk. Please, be careful and remember--we love you and we are VERY proud of you! Beata and Rob.

Jer said...

Thanks, Beata and Rob. I'm psyched. Had class tonight and just got home a little bit ago. Am finishing packing and will get up nice and early to fight Chicago rush hour. :) Love you. Mom

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Ditto... to what Rob, Beata, Aunt Cindy and the rest of the family say... we are so proud of all 3 of you. Be safe this weekend and happy walking to Jane & Jan. Love you all.

Jer said...

Thanks, Jill. It was great talking to you and Hunter today. Love you, Mom