Monday, May 15, 2006

5/15 More on Quincy

John pulled out lots of his old jokes. You American Idol fans will recall Mandisa catching Ryan Seacrest with "dogjaw." We'll we've been doing that in our family since we were kids, but John was able to catch a friend with it at Adam's party. You go, John! No, I'm serious. Go.

John and I were in a heated discussion. He said Folgers was so much better than Starbucks. Of course I had to disagree with that. Then he said, "You know why Starbucks tastes that good? They have an additive."

Gullible Me: "What is it?"

John: "Beef broth."

Now that's what I get for having so many brothers. They all remember how sad I was many years ago when we found out that MacDonalds put beef tallow on their french fries, and when people complained they said, "We never advertised our french fries as vegetarian."


Cindy said...

i sometimes wonder if you didn't become vegatarian for the jokes your brothers could make!

Jer said...

Hope no youngsters are reading this. The brother joke that makes me guffaw is, "Jer would have more dates if she would eat meat."