Thursday, May 18, 2006

5/18 More fun

Last night really rocked. Eric Price is not only a very talented comic (and actor), he is a wonderful teacher. I don't have time to get into all the reasons why, but a few reasons are:

1. He laughs at us. That's super because we're fledgling comics and need a "guru" to think we're funny.
2. He stops us when he thinks we could do better. Not as a punishment, but in order to give us a "do over."

A good use of my time last night. Megan was the only other BroadMinded member there. She arrived with a bowl of soup--a HUGE bowl, and she'd driven while eating soup. Gotta love a multi-tasker.

It was fun. Can't wait for the one next Wednesday.

Tonight I work in the box office at CSz, and Megan is bartending. I told her we're seeing each other every night this week, and I'm going to get used to that.


rob said...

That sounds wonderful, mom. I'm glad to see you having so much fun!

Love and miss you!!!

Bron said...

Will that still be going on when I am over?
I get in on the 14th July

Jer said...

I am having fun, Rob. Wish you and B could be here. :) Miss you too. Love, Mom

Jer said...

Sorry, Bronnie, it was just a one-night workshop. And you'll also arrive too late for the Midwest Regional CSz Tournament. That would have been a great opportunity to see folks too.

Do you need a place to stay in MKE?

Bron said...

we may do, we're still sorting that out... there'd be me Chris and Rach:)

Jer said...

Just let me know. I only have one bedroom, but do have a sofa bed and lots of floor space. :)