Thursday, July 12, 2007

7/12 Quincy is a riot!

Q was outside for about 10 minutes while I made dinner. I called her in and immediately threw her back outside. This blonde-haired beauty was now a black-haired beauty. I swear she was smiling.

I looked outside and right next to the porch she'd dug a hole nearly to the center of the earth. No exaggeration.

How could she have done that in only ten minutes? Amazing. She must be gifted. It is such a nice deep hole that I'm going to plant a bush there.

I carried her back into the house. (Remember she's now 45 pounds. I feel like Superman.) And I placed her into the bathtub. While my dinner cooled, I gave her a helluva bath. Now she's fresh and sweet.

While I ate dinner, she got on my bed and now it's nice and wet. Will the fun never end?


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Oh the joys of puppyhood :-). She sure had fun in only 10 minutes. Now she will have even more fun with two kids constant attention. 3 weeks Quincy and you will have Kayla and Hunter all over you.

Jer said...

She will love it, and so will they. (Me too.) Can't wait.