Thursday, July 05, 2007

7/5 Poor poor Quincy redux

She's got an eColi infection in her bladder. Guess it's bad, but it responds to this certain medication. So I have to go pick it up after work. Sigh. You'd never know there's anything wrong with her. She's back to sleeping all night. Plus going out during the day every two hours or so. And acting like a darn fool puppy the rest of the time. She's got this routine. At night she sleeps on the cool tile in the master bathroom--from about 9 PM--5 AM. At 5 I take her out and go back to bed. She jumps in with me and sleeps another hour or so all cuddled up to me. Then about 6 she jumps down, gets a lot of her toys and wakes me up to play. This morning she brought her ball and wanted to play fetch in the house. So I threw the ball from my bed and she jumped down, chased it, and brought it back to bed. She sure used up a lot of energy, but it was so cute.

It makes me sad that she's got this damn pelvic bladder that causes all the fuss. Wish they'd just do the damn surgery now and get it over with. But they have to wait until she's fully grown--if they do it at all.

At least that'll give me time to save for it. (Yeah, right!)


Jer said...

The vet was in a very positive mood. She thinks the meds will take care of the eColi in the bladder. It's probably from Q licking herself so much. Since she leaks a little she's always trying to clean herself. And probably licked her butt and then cleaned up the leakage. Voila! Another bladder infection. Doc said she's hopeful about the meds and surgery in the future, but hasn't heard from the surgeon yet. I'm feeling better. And Miss Quincy is in a good mood too.

Andrea said...

I hope you both had a good nights sleep last night!

Jer said...

Yeah, she's back to sleeping great, Andrea. It was just about a day and a half when she was needing to go outside constantly. I'm glad it happened though because that's how we discovered her latest bladder infection.