Friday, July 06, 2007

7/6 Fun with puppies and future fun with grandkids

The next door neighbors got a black lab puppy. A tiny little thing maybe six weeks old. Name's Raven. They had a minor emergency this afternoon and Valerie asked if I Raven could play in my backyard while they were gone. Little Kayla brought her over. This Kayla is 7 just like our Kayla, and very sweet. She has a four year old brother, James.

Quincy is this huge giant next to Raven, but Raven kept up with her perfectly. They had such a good time and after about an hour they both just passed out. So cute.

But the big news is that in August Jill and Todd are going to take their vacation celebrating their 10th anniversary. Originally they were going to go in October, but found a good deal in August. They are going to fly to Barcelona and then take the cruise. Sounds delightful. BUT I GET THE KIDS--which is even better. Quincy and I are going to drive to St. Louis where Jill and Todd will drop off the kids at the airport. They're going to have a layover in St. Louis just so this will all work out. Then Q, the kids, and I will drive the two hours to Quincy. and stay several days. I am beyond thrilled.

Don't know the exact week yet, but I'll tell all the relatives as soon as I know.



Cindy said...

Very exciting news for a grandmother I'm sure. Jill and Todd are lucky you can take time off work to help them out. My time off is very limited, and very regimented. I need to find a job like yours!...Or maybe I should wait until I get a few grandkids.

Jer said...

And I haven't earned enough vacation time, Cindy. So I'm taking my few days vacation and the rest is leave without pay. My boss okayed it this evening. It'll cost me, but it's so worth it to be with the kids for a wonderful length of time.

And yes, you'll enjoy the time so much more when you have grandkids to spoil. :)

Dave said...

Now after you train the grandkids to take out Quincy in the A.M., life will be perfect!

Jer said...

You're a genius, Dave.