Saturday, July 07, 2007

7/7 A good Saturday

I've actually accomplished some things today, and the day isn't even over yet. That's really something! As much as I hate housework, I've put away two boxes and cleaned the kitchen and dining room. Lots more to do, but... don't know if I'll get around to it or not.

Jill contacted me today, and it looks like they'll leave on August 4th. Since that's just two days after my birthday, that means I'll be able to celebrate with my family. Makes me smile. Can't wait to get confirmation from Jill, but it looks pretty sure. They changed their minds about their destination though. It looks like they're going to Whistler up in British Columbia instead of Italy. Things just worked out better for them.

It'll be a little more difficult for me since they won't be going through St. Louis. I could just go to LA and watch the kids there, but I want them to be able to visit with the whole family; so I'll probably fly out to get them. We'll decide soon.

I was pretty excited about the weather. For a while it looked like there were no thunderstorms for a change, but the sky is cloudy and ominous looking. At least it will keep me home. Quincy likes that.


Cindy said...

sounds like a major change in plans!!! Sorry, my maid of honor, Tammy's daughter is getting married that weekend, so I won't be around...I hope I do get a chance to see the kids though.

Jer said...

We'll be there most of the week so I'm sure we'll get together.

Andrea said...

If you bring the kids to Quincy how long do you think you'll be in town? August is a busy month at work, school starts on the 22nd. I bet you're excited about spending so much time with your grandkids!

Jer said...

Jill and Todd will probably be gone 8/4-8/11--something like that. So I don't know exactly when I'll be there. But it will be long enough that I'll get to see everyone, even if it's for a minute.