Monday, July 09, 2007

7/9 There's nothing to say

But you know I'll say it anyway.

Not too much excitement today. I had to leave work at noon because our internet was down, and I had a conference call and needed the internet at the same time. So I came home for that. Q was happy to get to go home early. She napped while I talked/listened, so it worked out well.

I have a new boss. David, already a Senior Vice President, was transferred to another position. Heather G is now my boss and although I'll miss David, Heather is great and I'm sure things will go well. Other changes in our larger company, all good.

Rob called a little while ago, so I'm smiling. It's always great to talk to your kids. He's great and I'm looking forward to seeing Beata and him in the near future.

More later about a great letter I received.

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