Sunday, July 08, 2007

7/8 Lots of good stuff

Yesterday my friend Genia called and said, "Let's go to the Beau." That's the huge casino right at the end of I-110, with a great view. So Genia, Caroline, Cindy and I went and had a ball. In the beginning I complained because they just wanted to play the penny and nickel slots--not my thing. I said if I win big on the penny slots I'll just be pissed it wasn't on a dollar machine.

I sat down at a nickel slot and within 5 minutes won $400.

No more complaining about the cheap slots.

I put $300 of it away and proceeded to lose the other $100 but it took me four hours to do it. Not too bad.

We're going to take my friend Gerri there when she visits at the end of the month. (Hi, Gerri.)

Today Q and I went to the beach--a deserted spot where she could run until she dropped. We played fetch for quite a while and got in the water too. But it was quite hot in the sun so we only stayed for a little less than an hour. On the way home I stopped at Walmart and bought her a small plastic pool. She loves it, and it was a lot easier cleaning the sand off her this way, instead of carrying a 40-pound wiggling pack of puppy to the bathtub.

She's napping now after her big workout, and I think I'll join her soon.

It's been a good day. I'll end it by cleaning out my car after the sun goes down.

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