Thursday, September 04, 2008

9/4 Ugh, yikes, shit, etc., plus good old Gus

It would cost $2200 to get my car completely fixed. Of course that's at the Kia dealer and I know it would be cheaper elsewhere. But's going to be a hell of a lot no matter where I take it. The three seatbelts in back cost $500 alone. (Yes, Quincy and Cookie cost me a lot....)

I'd be better off buying a new car. But... (insert all the reasons I can't afford to buy right now).

Tomorrow Gus is going to Doggy Day Care for the first time. I'm going to Springfield all day, so it'll be nice that no one (Jan) will have to put him out over lunch time. I want him to get used to the place because in a few weeks I'll be in St. Louis for four days and nights, and he'll stay at the same kennel. I think he'll love it there. Tomorrow is supposed to rain so they put all the little dogs in the training room with a door open so they can go outside when they need to. Gus will have a ball playing with lots of other dogs.

Last night was a stitch. When Cindy was walking him I drove by and parked at QU. He saw me and went nuts. In fact he even got loose from Cin and ran after me. It was so cute. He really wanted me. But of course Cindy was able to get him back on track after I gave him some attention.

Not feeling too good, so after checking the computer, will go to bed. But Jill has given me a super idea. Her company, Advanced Bionics, made an instrument for pain, that's inserted right under the skin. You use a remote control and it works just like the treatment I got at physical therapy. There's a new pain doc in town at QMG who uses it. We'll see if it's a possibility. I'd love to have another option besides surgery.


Anonymous said...

It has been my experience that if you are not making car payments, you are driving a car that is going to need some repairs. Get a second estimate and make sure the labor and parts carry a warranty. If you are lucky, and keep having the oil changed, etc. perhaps the car will run fine for a year.

Jill and Todd said...

I wish I could buy you a new vehicle. Maybe I should start playing the lottery so I can pay for it :-). Best of luck getting it fixed or whatever you decide. Love you!

Anonymous said...

With 5 cars at one time, Joe and I have put out our share in car repairs too. They always seem SO high, but a continuous car payment isn't much better. Good luck with the decision, but we like Dan's Auto Care on North 24th Street if that helps I know you need to get on this right away b/c you are going to need those seatbelts REALLY soon with your grandkids coming to visit.

And Gus didn't 'get loose', I let him loose b/c he wanted to see you so badly I knew he'd run right to you.

Good luck with your medical decisions, we've all sure had our share of those these last few months.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

You are all correct. I do need to get a second opinion. Someone else recommended Dan's, maybe Jane and Pete?

And Jill, get playing that lottery. :) By the way, you won't have to rent a car. If I have to, I'll rent one for the week. No big deal. We'll make this work. I'm getting so excited to have all of you here. Aunt Jane said she may take the week off. That would be wonderful.

Cindy, I'm glad you let him loose. You really know him.

Anonymous said...

Jer, see if that bionics thing has a wireless remote control, then I can be a real pain in the a** while I send signals to it.

Your Wisconsinite Anonymous Personage,

S**** P****

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Steve, you can be a pain in the ass even without the device. :)