Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3/15 BroadMinded

Although I was kind of loopy from not much sleep the previous night, I went to rehearsal and it was awesome. We went to Mel's place, ate pizza, and drank beer or wine. We worked on character development and it was fun. Almost everyone stood in character and was interviewed by the others. It really made me think and go much deeper into a character's background and why she was doing what she was doing.

I left before the others because I was dead. Got home about 9:45. Still didn't sleep too well. Got almost six hours though and that's much better than the previous two nights.

More later.


Bron said...


Jer said...

Is that what it's called? If so, then that's what we did. :) Nice pic. Jer

Jeff said...

Sounds like it might be kind of hard, but fun at the same time. :)

Jer said...

It indeed was fun, Jeff. My character was Margaret Worthington, a 77-year old retired ("spinster") schoolteacher, with a "past."