Wednesday, March 22, 2006

3/22 A fun Wednesday

Rob slept until--forever. Some things never change. Beata slept in too, but not quite as long. She is sick with a cold. Apparently every time she travels on a plane she gets sick. (So we bought her some Airborne, the cold med that my friends swear by.)

We ate a late lunch at IHOP, because that's what Rob's been dreaming about. We drove around Milwaukee and saw some sights. Beatka loves big cities and she really enjoyed the drive. Did a little bit of shopping at Grand Avenue Mall, downtown. Then we ate dinner at Slim's, an Irish bar across the street from ComedySportz. I had a class there at 7, and it was a treat introducing everyone to R&B. I think no one believed I actually had kids.

The class was on developing good scenes in improv. I had such a good time, but always do when I'm learning something new, and on stage. R&B said they really enjoyed it, and thought I was so funny. (I paid them to say that.) They took lots of pictures, and I need to talk to them to make sure no one sees some of them. The scene where I was a cabbage patch doll and morphed into grandma would be really embarrassing, and I think they took a movie of that one. Bribery is what I need to do!


Cindy said...

It is good to hear they are catching up on some much needed rest, and having fun seeing the sights of Milwaukee....and you morphing from a cabbage patch to a grandma, would definately be considered a sight to see. I hope they have a safe journey to NC today, and look forward to hearing about their new adventure down south.

Jer said...

Cin, Beatka and Rob can't wait to begin their new adventure. They are sad to leave me, but so happy and hopeful about their future. That's as it should be.