Monday, March 20, 2006

3/20 Quincy and points west

The drive down yesterday wasn't bad at all. About five hours from Jim and Karen's house. I drove because R&B were very tired. We arrived at Jan and Tim's around 4 PM, and most everyone was there already. It was a little overwhelming for Beata, but in a good way. We had such a wonderful time--eating, drinking, eating, drinking, and of course laughing all the time. Got some great pictures of family members. The dogs did so well with the other two dogs already there. My niece Kris is taking Bobby (their golden retriever) home with her, and her golden--Max. Bobby and Max get along great and look like they could be litter mates. Jan and Tim are keeping Bella, the Oki Dog, with their dog, a dachsund puppy Alfie. Jane and Pete took the two cats home. Today Jane said that the cats are doing fine, but it's her cat and dog who aren't doing quite so well with the visitors.

Rob and Beata slept late today, then Tim and Jan fixed a huge breakfast, which we finished about 10:30 AM. Delicious. Then we went to Kohl's so Beata could buy some winter clothes. It's a great time to shop for winter wear. She and Rob both got winter coats at 70% off. Jane ended up buying everything though, which was so wonderfully thoughtful--that's our Jane, though. So generous. R&B got me a beautiful aqua sweater, regularly $38, on sale for $5. A great deal. Then we went to Sprout's to have dessert with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Joe. I warned Beatka that the pies were HUGE, but she was still shocked.

Now we're at Jane and Pete's to visit the cats and check our email. Then we'll go to Walmart to get Bea some gloves. Tonight it's supposed to be blizzard-like conditions, and we should get 7-10 inches of snow. Beata is thrilled! Oh, she also found some excellent boots for $10. Love these late winter sales, when everyone is trying to clear the shelves for more spring/summer fashions.

The entire family is going to Kelly and Todd's for dinner tonight. We'll have pizza, and tons of other stuff. It's always great to be with the clan. Tomorrow we drive to Chicago to meet up with Beatka's uncle. She's not seen him since she was very small. He's lived here for many years, but still just speaks Polish, so this will definitely be interesting. Then tomorrow night we'll be at my place in Milwaukee.

More later. I know I missed tons of details, but am in a hurry, so others can use the computer.


Cindy said...

It has been SO GREAT to see Rob again, and meet Beata, who really is just as wonderful in person as she seemed while we got to know her through emails and her blog. She is so genuine and kind, and seemed to know just what to say to each of us to make us feel uniquely special in our own way. I can't imagine giving her up again so soon, but we know they do have to get to NC and find a home and settle in. We love you dear girl, and of course Robbie too, not to mention the ZOO>>>>Keep posting...We'll miss you, and I can't wait for you to meet our boys...maybe next trip. (Jer, thanks for sharing your time with them, with us![not that you had a choice if you didn't want to be disowned])

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with everyone. Drive safe back to Chicago & your house mom. Since I'm working all week, maybe we can chat online tomrrow. Love you tons!

Anonymous said...

Very cool.


Karen Boz said...

Cindy, you are so right. It has been wonderful to get to know Beata a little better. She is such a genuinely warm and loving person. I am so happy for both her and Rob. They are indeed 2 very special people and I am glad that they found each other. They are true soulmates! I wish the very best in getting their home set up in North Carolina, and I can't wait until they are settled so we can go visit!


anne frasier said...

warm fuzzies. :)