Friday, March 03, 2006

3/3 Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Okay, so I'm happy. The sun is shining, I have the weekend off, and R&B are coming home.

My mobile phone rang yesterday morning and it was Rob. He had something he needed to talk to me about. Omigod, what ominous words! But he quickly followed it by saying, "Don't worry. It's nothing bad." Whew!

Turns out having four pets is a big stressor. Sure--stressor enough, I'd imagine, in a normal situation, but this is about traveling a million miles to a different country with nowhere to live (yet). Kennels were out of the question, after they checked the price. They needed someone/somewhere to care for the zoo while R&B were buying a house.

Here's where the joy of large families comes in. Most of our family members have dogs. It was difficult trying to decide who to ask. But we ended up asking Jan and Tim (my sis and b-i-l). They said yes immediately, and I'm so grateful. I also called Kris, their daughter, and Tim had already briefed her and she said yes too. How very fortunate we are to have such a family.

I'd keep all four pets if I could, but I can't have pets in my condo.

Kris has a golden retriever Max, and will keep Bobby, another golden. That should keep her house energized. Bobby is great though, and is so happy! Chipper, even. It really is cool though, because she already has the right color of dog hair in her house. :)

Jan and Tim will keep Bella--a calm and friendly dog of mixed breed. They have a dachsund puppy, so it should work out. They live in the country, which will be great, and Tim is retired and is home a lot of the time during the day. Great for pets.

I tried calling a brother and s-i-l last night about the cats, but no one called me back. (No, they didn't know why I was calling, so that's not the reason they didn't call.) Jay and Andrea are the only true cat folks in the family--they've always had cats instead of dogs.

Some folks in the clan do have both, but would describe themselves as primarily dog people. I think there are just two of us without dogs or cats. Jim (and Karen) in Aurora, and me. All the Quincy folks have animals.

Anyway, Rob called his Aunt (and godmother) Jan, and he said for the first time in weeks he's not so stressed and was able to sleep. He'll call Kris soon and talk to her too.

I told him since I found temp quarters for the dogs, he can work on the cats. Both are declawed, indoor cats with impeccable manners, so it shouldn't be too hard.

So all this pet talk was merely an introduction to say that R&B will be flying to Chicago and I'll pick them up and we'll drive to Quincy for a few days. They'll finally pick up their tickets on Monday, and if everything goes according to plan, they'll fly home on March 18th.

After about eight years in Okinawa, Rob will be living in the states. Can you see my smile from where you are?


Jeff said...

Yep, I can see your smile all the way down here in southern Indiana, Jer! :)

Beata said...

Mom, thank you for updating this part of our move! Yes, it is very difficult to take all of our pets with us to the States, and because there is so many problems involved with it, adding big amounts of money, many people abandon their animals on the streets, beaches and parking lots (especially the ones by our house). This is another reason why so many animals stayed at our house at some point. For some of them we were able to find a good home, but the rest became our family and we are not leaving without them. No matter how much Rob complains and teases me about the cats, he loves those furry love balls! Especially Billie, the stray with a broken tail, is daddy's girl. Sometimes it's just pathetic watching those two...:-)
Thank you to Aunt Jan and Uncle Tim, and of course Kris for taking our "babies" to your house! We are very thankful and really appreciate it! Now we just need to find some "cat people" ;-)
It's going to be really hard for us to be separated from our pets, crazy as this might sound, but we hope that this will be only, or less than, a month.
I hope the trip goes well to, as we are also worried about how the animals going to take it. It's a long way to fly...
But we will finally be home and there nothing else that matters! We miss you all!!!!
(I guess I could just have make this as my posting in my own blog! Sorry Mom for taking so much of your space!!!) I love you!

Beata said...

Rob just corrected me that in stead of saying "furry love balls", I should have said "balls of love"? Ok, that sounds weird to me even more than what I wrote, but you people know what I meant, right? Come on, give me a break! I am not someone with a dirty mind, I am just a foreigner! And often I make mistakes like that! (which seems entertaining to others!)

Jer said...

You can say it anyway you want to. But we reserve the right to laugh. :)

Have you guys talked to Kris yet? Or found the cat folks? Hope so. I'm wishing for the best...

Jer said...

Oh, and Bea, you can send all your friends to my blog to read the details. :)

Jeff, I thought that you could.

anne frasier said...

furry love balls works for me. :D

loved reading this happy thread. :)

Beata said...

I knew it. I just knew it! You ARE laughing at me!!!!! Anne, I am glad to be able to entartain you, hm.... ;-)

Beata said...

Mom, we were very busy and haven't called Kris yet, but we will. We haven't figured it out with the cats yet. There is just too much going on right now... But thank you for helping us!!!

Jer said...

If you can't reach J&A by phone, just send them an email. The worst they can do is say no.

And send a hit man.