Wednesday, March 29, 2006

3/29 A real pain in the neck...

So this morning I said to my doctor, "My shoulder and neck really hurt on my right side. And my upper arm hurts too."

She said, "How did you hurt it?"

Here's where I made my fatal error. I told the truth.

"Yeah, well, I did two or three pratfalls on stage Sunday."

Her: What's a pratfall.

Me: It's when you intentionally fall on stage. Usually it's comedic.

Me again: Sometimes I forget how old I am.

She looked at me--maybe askance (I love that word and never have the opportunity to use it). To her credit, she didn't laugh or lecture. I love that about her. I have a sprained shoulder and neck. The trapezius something-or-other. Take it easy, take Extra Strength Tylenol, range of motion exercises in a hot shower, rub some smelly creme on my bod. The smelly creme sounds interesting--it's called pepper creme because it's got the stuff from capsicum in it, and it burns. She asked if I had sensitive skin, and I had to say I didn't know.

Sometimes, when critiqued, I'm thin-skinned, and sometimes thick-skinned, but I'm sure that's not what she meant.

Anyway, I have to put that on 2-4 times a day. Going to be a great perfume.


heidichic said...

Jer: No more pratfalls please. Do you realize you need to be on a plane to the 'big apple' in 3 days? I crazy waiting for Sat. to meet you and Bee. So do not leave your condo, stay put and apply the smelly stuff and feel better, of course!! I mean it!


Jer said...

Well, I'll do all that except stay in my condo. Have to work ya know--paying bills is a priority. :) I've got three trips in April, and all fun--NYC, LA, and Nashville.

Beata said...

I agree with Haydee. Keep applying all the smelly stuff until you get better. You have only few days left, Mom!!! :-) There is nobody to smell you for now--you know. ;-)

Jer said...

I did have someone offer to apply the medicine.

Karen said...

I just bet you did.

Jer said...

Karen, you're a dickens too. I can't let you and Beata spend too much time together.