Thursday, March 09, 2006

3/9 A weekend before me...

What shall I do this weekend? I don't have to work at ComedySportz, Brainstorm has a bye on Sunday, and I don't feel well enough to be out and about too much.

I know I'll whittle away some time with:

1. Online Scrabble (
2. Online Poker (
3. Laundry
4. Writing some flash fiction
5. Editing some flash fiction
6. Editing and adding to manuscript number 3--Reality Is Murder. (Number 1 is finished, number 2 not.)
7. Cleaning out more closets to give clothes to Goodwill.

Guess that's enough. The rest of the time I'll lie on my couch a la Cleopatra, waiting for someone to feed me grapes.

Looking forward to Monday, when I'm sure this sinus infection will be GONE and I'll be back at the gym.

8. Oops--working on assignments for the BroadMinded troupe. I'd forgotten to write about how much fun rehearsal was. The only person missing was Michele. She's in New York City for several months on business. It was great having Stacy and MJ there. MJ is about done with Richard III and will be able to attend rehearsals now. And Stacy will be able to attend most. So when Michele gets back we'll have the whole troupe together. We decided to make the sketch comedy audience 18 and older. We made the decision after I sang a particularly bawdy song I'd parodied. Everyone loved it--but it was definitely rated R.

Lunchtime is over. Back to work.


Beata said...

Mom, it seems like you have a long (and busy) list for your weekend. Please, take some time and relax, ok? :-) I am worried about you being sick again. I know how annoying and painful it is. Did the doctor gave you some medication? Staying home should do you good.
And, I can't wait for your to sing that song!!!! :-) I love anything rated R.

Jer said...

I probably won't do half of it, but it doesn't matter because other than laundry and closets, it's all fun. :)