Monday, March 06, 2006

3/6 Musings

In 12 days R&B will be in the states. I'm thrilled it's finally happened. Our plans have changed a little. Because they're going to be knackered, not to mention encumbered with thousands of animals who have been cooped up for 20 hours, they're getting a pet-friendly hotel for the first night (or maybe stay at the zoo). :)

Anyway, my s-i-l, Karen, found them a hotel near Jim and Karen's. I'll stay at their house, and R&B will stay at the hotel with the animals. Then early Sunday morning we'll head for Quincy.

I'm sad that the snow will be gone by then. It's supposed to be in the 50s by the end of this week, even though it's snowing right now. Weird weather.

We had a good match last night at CSz. However we had to forfeit. We already knew that Stacy wasn't going to be able to be there, but with MJ, Chris, and me, we knew it would be fin. At five minutes to seven I was starting to panic. But Chris is always so responsible. I didn't have his home number, just his work one. But someone else had it and called him. Apparently he was sick, and he called someone to tell them. Yep, he called Stacy--the person who was out of town. So we didn't have any time to get a legal sub, and just had to pick up who was available. We got Dave Rust, who is a fantastic guy and great performer. Even though we forfeited, we had a lot of fun. I think Mary Jo would agree.

This was my last performance for this season. I can't make the last two matches. On April 2, I'll be in New York City on business. And on March 19, I'll be with Rob and Beata driving to Quincy.


Beata said...

Oh, we are so excited! Mom, thank you for helping us with everything! And thank you Aunt Karen for finding us hotel, and everybody else, all of the sweet and loving people who are there for us! It's going to be a long and hard trip, but it will be the last of this kind. We just can't wait to be there!!! :-)))

Jer said...

It's getting close, sweetie. I'm so excited too. Think I'll take some cold medicine and sleep right through until you get here.

Beata said...

I wish I could do the same! ;-)
I just posted more info in my blog... I thought you might want to see it. I love you, Mom!!!!

Jer said...

I commented on your blog.

That's so cool that Aunt Karen reserved the room. I talked to my friend last night about gettting a better rate. She said it's a franchise rather than a corporate hotel, so she has no influence. But she did say it's a great price and a nice place. So everything looks good.